Athugið: Þessar síður fjalla um forsetakosningar 25. júní 2016.

Principal dates in the run-up to the Presidential Election on 25 June 2016

   30 April Pre-election voting may begin, both in Iceland and abroad.
       20 May (Midnight) Date on which Candidacies for election to the presidency shall be submitted to the Ministry of the Interior together with the consent of the candidates, sufficient numbers of sponsors and certificates from the constituency electoral commissions stating that they are qualified to stand for election. 
       27 May Deadline for the announcement by the Ministry of the Interior, on radio and in the Official Gazette, of the names of candidates for election to the presidency.
        4 June

Date on which electoral registers will be based. Voters will be included in the registers of the local authorities where they are recorded in the residence lists of the National Registry as being legally domiciled on this date.

      13 June

Date on which The Ministry of the Interior shall announce the presentation of the electoral register through state radio and television and through newspaper advertisements.

15 June  Deadline for municipal councils to make the electoral registers available for public viewing at their offices or in other convenient locations. The electoral registers shall be displayed during normal office hours until the Election Day. Corrections to electoral registers may be made up until the Election Day.
      25 June Election day.

Polling sessions shall begin during the period 9-12 noon, and shall end not later than 10 p.m