Voting Instructions - Election day

General Election 28 October 2017 - Voting Instructions

  1. Prove your identity by producing an identity document (with a photograph, e.g. your passport, driving licence or ID-card) or in some other way which the electoral commission considers satisfactory.
  2. If you are entitled to vote, you will be given a ballot paper which you then take into the polling booth. 
  3. Inside the polling booth, you vote by making a cross with a pencil in the box in front of the letter representing the list of candidates of your choice.
  4. Cards in Braille are available inside the polling booths (for people with poor sight) with information about the letters representing the candidate lists. If you need assistance to vote, you may nominate a member of the electoral commission to help you. You may also request that a representative of your own choice assist you to vote in the polling booth.  

  5. Assistance in the polling booth may only be given when voters are unable to vote in the prescribed manner due to poor sight or the inability to use their hands. Voters in this situation who are also unable to express their wishes to the electoral commission may submit certificates from their rights protection officers, in which case they will be allowed to have help with voting from a representative of their choice.

  6. If you want to change the order of the candidates on the list of your choice, write the number 1 in front of the name you would like to place at the top, the number 2 in front of the name you would like to have in second place, and so on. If you want to remove a candidate from the list, cross his or her name out.

  7. If by mistake you find you have indicated something you did not intend on your ballot paper, or if you spoil your ballot paper in some other way, give it to the electoral commission and you will be given a new one.

  8. Make sure that no one sees who you have voted for, because if this happens, your ballot is considered invalid and may not be put into the ballot box.

  9. When you have indicated your vote, fold the ballot paper along the same fold lines as it had when you received it and put it into the ballot box. Then leave the polling room.