Athugið: Þessar síður fjalla um alþingiskosningarnar 27. apríl 2013.

Absentee voting abroad

Voters who are not in Iceland on election day, may vote at any of Iceland's embassies or at the consulates in New York, Winnipeg and the Faroe Islands. They may also vote by special arrangement with an Icelandic honorary consul.

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The Electoral Register

Local authorities compile registers of voters on the basis of the records of the National Registry. No one can exercise his right to vote unless his name is on the electoral register when the election is held.

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Advertisement - General parliamentary elections

With reference to Art. 45 of the Constitution of the Republic of Iceland, No. 33 of 17 June 1944 (cf. Art. 15 of the Constitutional Law Act, No. 56 of 31 May 1991, Art. 20 of the General Elections Act, No. 24 of 16 May 2000 and Art. 162 of the Act No. 162 of 28 December 2010), it is hereby decided that regular general parliamentary elections shall be held on 27 April 2013.

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