Athugið: Þessar síður fjalla um forsetakosningar 30. júní 2012.
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Pre-election ballots cast abroadmust be sent to district commissioners or electoral commissions

Overseas voters are responsible for sending their own ballots to the authorities in Iceland. Ballots shall be sent to the district commissioner (sýslumaður) or electoral commission (kjörstjórn) in the district where voters believe they are registered.

After casting their ballots in the presence of the election official, voters place their ballots in the ballot envelope, and then place the ballot envelope, together with the letter of conveyance, in a special pre-printed postal envelope for sending to the district commissioner or electoral officer in Iceland, and seal the postal envelope.  Voters must fill in their personal details (name, ID No., address, etc.) on the back of the postal envelope to ensure that their ballots will go to the right place.  If they do not wish this information to be visible, they may place the postal envelope in another envelope and address it to the relevant district commissioner or electoral commission.

Pre-election ballots must reach the electoral commission before the close of voting on Election Day in order to be counted as valid in the election. It is sufficient if the ballot reaches any ward within the constituency where the voter is registered.

A list of district commissioners' offices follows below. If voters are in doubt as to where to send their ballots, they may send them to the Reykjavík District Commissioner, Skógarhlíð 6, 105 Reykjavík, Iceland, who will ensure that they are delivered, providing that they arrive by 5 p.m. on Election Day.

Voters can see where they are registered on the voters' roll for the Presidential Elections on 30 June 2012 here on this website.