Athugið: Þessar síður fjalla um forsetakosningar 30. júní 2012.
        Smellið hér til að skoða upplýsingar í tengslum við alþingiskosningar 29. október 2016

Principal dates in the run-up to the Presidential Election on 30 June 2012

   5 May  Pre-election voting may begin, both in Iceland and abroad.
       25 May (Midnight): deadline for submitting candidacies to the Ministry of the Interior.
       31 May Deadline for the announcement by the Ministry of the Interior, on radio and in the Official Gazette, of the names of candidates for election to the presidency.
        9 June Date on which electoral registers will be based. Voters will be included in the registers of the local authorities where they are recorded in the residence lists of the National Registry as being legally domiciled on this date.
      20 June Local authorities are required to have the electoral registers on display to the public not later than ten days before election day.
      30 June Election day.

Polling sessions shall begin during the period 9-12 noon, and shall end not later than 10 p.m